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Veradale Wall Graphics


If you’re looking for industry-standard wall graphics, Screen Tek, Inc is all you need.

Wall Graphic

Your business can surely use one of the best upgrades in visual aesthetics. We can put captivating graphics on plain, blank walls. We can turn hallways into a visual history of your company. We can also plaster your company’s logos and images to all your walls to establish your business’s presence further.

From a bathroom’s handwashing signs to a break room’s inspirational murals, we can do whatever wall graphics you want for your business space. We are a top-notch visuals company specializing in designing, manufacturing, installing, and managing industry-grade vinyl signs, graphics, and wall stickers for our clients in Veradale. If you want to upgrade the visual quality of your office or you just want to fill the empty surfaces in your area, our professional team of wall design specialists can do the job fast and flawlessly for you.

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Complete Design Control

Custom Wall Mural

Our wall print specialists are seasoned to handle all kinds of material, design styles, and surfaces that your company may have. We customize our products to fit the general identity of your business to obtain the maximum potential of these visual products. Our vinyl materials are very durable and vivid, being made of the highest quality of substances available in the market. We can create practically any type of design that you want and any specifications you prefer for your wall graphics.

To ensure total control over our products, we make sure that they are easy to install and change. If you eventually decide that you need to change your wall graphics, we can easily take them down or revert them to their old look without any damages or stains. This technology allows you to be flexible on your designs and to keep up with every change that may happen in your company or industry.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company

Lobby Sign

If you’re interested in getting wall visuals but aren’t sure of the design you want to put, our seasoned graphic designers can help you plan out a design that fits your company best. Our Veradale, WA company can handle all aspects of the entire wall designing process, from recommending and planning up until the installation and maintenance parts. We can even visit your place and conduct an ocular sighting to help determine the best choices for your wall graphics.

Our company only uses the highest quality of materials available in the market. You can trust that our resources are not only structurally strong; they also give out the best look that wall graphics can.

Professional Vinyl Graphics Installers

custom vinyl muralSome people install vinyl graphics on their walls as a DIY-project. But if you want to lower the risk of installation errors to zero or assure the flawless quality of your wall graphics, it is best to get the services of graphic specialists. If you’re working with small-scale vinyl sheets, it can be a relatively easy job. But large pieces of vinyl are best left to the hands of experts. We can make sure that the final product will have no traces of bubbles, dents, rips, and other damages. If any sort of installation error is done, we will replace it. That’s the Screen Tek, Inc guarantee.

Free Wall Mural Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackScreen Tek, Inc is committed to providing our Veradale-based clients with only the highest quality of services available. We offer all the necessary services needed to conduct excellent wall designs for all types of businesses. We have one goal in mind: that we become the one-stop-shop for our beloved partners in Veradale. We guarantee that your business will be upgraded exponentially with our state-of-the-art products and services. We can’t wait to be your partner!

Call Screen Tek, Inc at (509) 213-0262 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Graphics Expert!