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Airway Heights Safety Signs
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Airway Heights Safety Signs


For industrial businesses that involve heavy, risky machinery, or those who just want to increase the safety of their workplace against small-time accidents like slipping on wet areas, you need a quality safety sign. Fortunately, Screen Tek, Inc can provide the best safety signs in the City of Airway Heights. Upgrade the overall security of your residential or business environment with us!

high-voltage-signAlmost every type of business involves a certain amount of danger that, no matter how small, will pose a significant risk to the resident community. From restaurants and corporate offices to industrial companies and factories with hazardous equipment and substances, the presence of warnings of danger is vital not just for any business type, but also to all areas that pose a risk to human safety.

If we’re talking about safety, one cannot afford to have subpar anti-danger materials. You cannot have signs that are poorly produced, with unreadable texts or missing parts, like a portion of the floor that is very prone to wetness without a proper sign that says slippery when wet. People may slip and fall, adding liability to your business. So when you decide to get safety signs for your place, trust only Screen Tek, Inc!

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Safety Signs For Your Business

fire extinguisher signThe prime purpose of any safety sign is to warn people who are bound to get in close contact with a potentially hazardous object or area, such as massive trucks with heavy cargo or construction areas that are still at the early stage of the operation. Some danger-prone areas can cause minor accidents, while some can be fatal if mishandled. So safety signs in these areas must be built to be vivid and attention-grabbing. They must be effective in ensuring that people around a facility stop what they are doing and watch out for the potential danger.

Screen Tek, Inc is an experienced signage company with seasoned graphic designers who know how to get the best out of every safety sign. We understand the importance of safety signs in a business environment. Our Airway Heights team can help you produce safety signs that are effective, durable, cost-friendly, and strategically designed and placed. We work by obtaining all the essential information of your business, including its nature, your facilities and equipment, and especially the danger risks of your work, and using these details to come up with the best way safety signs can be beneficial to your business. Safety is a priority for your business, and we know just how to keep it that way.

Signs To Keep Everyone Safe

variety of safety signageDanger prone areas are not confined to business with heavy, industrial facilities. The numerous types of hazardous materials and places—from flammable containers and fire hazards to construction zones and slippery spots—should be placed with well-made warning signs to keep people away from harm. The years we spent in the signage production industry have equipped us with all the resources, tools, and knowledge needed in producing the highest quality of safety signs for all types of purposes, from blasting zones to hazardous materials and everything in between.

So if you’re looking for an industry-standard safety sign to prevent accidents in your area, Screen Tek, Inc is your best bet. Whatever material you want for your sign, whether it’s the durable vinyl or the vivid and colorful metal sheets, we can provide it for you good, fast, and cost-effective. Our graphic designers and installation team can not just assist you in the technical aspect of installing safety signs; they can also give their expert recommendations on the best options of signage for your business.

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Full-Service Signage Company

fire-extinguisher-signScreen Tek, Inc is a full-service provider of signage needs for all purposes based in Airway Heights. This means our clients receive only focused and comprehensive signage production services. We help them from the early planning and designing stage up until the installation and maintenance phases. Our resources are custom-made, allowing us to produce high-quality signage for the friendliest costs in the market.

We will discuss and analyze your case carefully, from your geography, demographics, brand, and history, and decide on the best strategy for your signage products. We aim that your signs aren’t only effective as generic signs themselves, but that they also represent your business properly. So once we have formulated a superior plan for your signage, our designers will provide a “proof” that you can check. It will be a sample of how your final signage products will look like. Any modifications you may want, whether in terms of size, color, or any other aspect, you can just communicate with our team. Once the plan is finalized and ready for actualization, our professional team will handle the whole process of the installation. No matter how complex the process may be, we can surely solve it for you.

Free Safety Signs Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackScreen Tek, Inc only has one goal in mind: to provide our clients with high-quality signage through first-rate customer support and experience. Our professional team of graphic designers, installers, and fabricators are committed to producing signage that is truly fit for your company. Safety is a top priority for our communities. We can’t afford to have low-quality hazard prevention materials. So if you’re looking for a highly-qualified, passionate, and expert signage creation company in Airway Heights, Screen Tek, Inc is the one for you!

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