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Post Falls Informational Signs
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Post Falls Informational Signs


For most businesses and large establishments, it is important to have informational signs available to guide people about the rules and regulations of the building, where certain facilities are, and other key information they need to know.

fire extinguisher sign

While these signs sound simple, making them is no easy feat because they must be recognized immediately and convey the right information people need to know. Informational signs also include key signs such as yard signs, warning signs, and others.

In Post Falls, Screen Tek, Inc is one of the best local sign makers that can handle any type of sign or banner request. We can handle design work to the installation, as well as customizing signs or banners based on your business’ needs, deadline, and budget. To make sure everything is kept within your budget, we have teamed up with various suppliers who can provide us anything you might need for your signs. From aluminum to customized materials, we have them all.

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Traffic Signs

custom outdoor parking sign

A lot of informational signs are used for traffic, and since we began our business, we have slowly developed our unique traffic sign design and production. We keep up with the latest standards on traffic control devices and traffic ordinances in any location. Our Post Falls, ID team is also trained to use the right shapes, colors, and fonts for traffic signs so that they are visible and effective to use.

To make sure everyone can see the signs we create for you, our traffic signs are made from high-quality engineer grade reflective sheets, fade-proof printing, and rust-proof aluminum. We can also do customizations if you want to include your brand logo in the signs.

Warning and Safety Signs

custom safety sign for elevator

In every workplace and business, it is essential to have safety and warning signs because this will prevent accidents and mishaps from happening. Once people see the signs, they can already avoid the hazards early on. It will also help your staff stay efficient because these signs contain important information that they need to stay productive and safe in the workplace.

Our team can help you determine which is the correct design for these safety and warning signs, as well as how to frame the message accordingly. No matter what type of signs you want us to make and the material that you prefer, we can produce it and install it in the right places for you.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom safety sign

We don’t just do printing here in Screen Tek, Inc. Since we started our business, we have expanded our services to help all kinds of industries. We are one of the best full-service sign companies serving Post Falls, providing high-quality advice, design experience, and all the equipment necessary to get everything done to make everything in-house.

We are always ready to receive any requests and make your sign ideas a reality. We will also give you all the advice and assistance you need to understand how signs will help your business.

Free Informational Signs Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackDo you need informational signs for your business but don’t know how to design them properly or pick the best one for your needs? Screen Tek, Inc can help you out as our team of designers and sign specialists are capable of identifying which signs will fit your requirements, design them according to your brand, and identify where to put these signs for the maximum effect. We will also give you a brief overview of what our Post Falls team has to offer when you reach out to us today.

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