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Coeur D Alene Decals
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Coeur D Alene Decals


When it comes to decals, Screen Tek, Inc is the company to contact because we can create decals for walls, windows, floors, vehicles, and many others.

Promotional window Graphics

Wherever you plan to put your decals, we have the decal designers and installers to help you achieve the most impact with your decals. We can also recommend the right decals for your needs in case you are uncertain how you want it to look and how much impressions you want to make for them.

Our Coeur D Alene team is also very efficient because we do everything in-house after you avail our free consultation services, from designing the decals to ensuring that they are installed perfectly and showcase your brand message.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for a Free Consultation with a Decal Expert!

Decals For Windows, Walls, Floors, & More

custom product decals

Decals can be used on any surface; may they be walls, floors, and windows. Wall decals, in particular, are very popular for many businesses because they can inform employees and customers alike about the business or remind them about company policy. Some decals can also help with directing people to key areas of the facility.

The decals we create are very durable and can fit any surface. Not only will they inform people about your space, guide them around, but it can also provide vital information such as operating hours or even the name of your company to the people who will see it.

For some people, window decals only cover a company’s logo and its details of the operation. However, decals are more flexible than that because window decals, in particular, can also include frosted privacy graphics to provide customers privacy as they eat and promotional ads showcasing a special event or discount to get people into your business. Sky’s the limit when it comes to designing decals, and we at Screen Tek, Inc will help you realize its potential in helping you reach your business goals.

High-Impact Vehicle Decals

custom trailer decals

Vehicle decals are available in various shapes and sizes, with designs including graphics, numbers, logos, and letters.

Some of these vinyl decals can be individually cut from a larger decal piece so that it can be pre-spaced and installed in the vehicle. Our excellent team of professional designers and installers will check your decal needs, design it according to your design and business goals, and help you install it efficiently.

Our vehicle decal services include:

When you use our vehicle decals, it can be used in any type of commercial vehicle: from small cars to ATVs and others. The impact they can make for your marketing strategy is immense because you will be able to get your brand recognized by both new and current customers when they see your car passing by. Some companies even use decals as a way to share information about their products and services to potential clients. People will also be reassured that you are a legitimate company when they see your company car filled with decals that mark your company.

Full-Service Vinyl Manufacturer

vinyl mural installation

We are a full-service vinyl shop serving Coeur D Alene, ID. This means we can design, manufacture, and install your decals without having to ask other groups to do it for you. If you have a design in mind, we can work with all the files that you’ll provide us. If you don’t have a design in mind, our team of graphic designers will sit down with you to find out what you need and show you the design we conceptualized based on your ideas. You can let our Coeur D Alene vinyl decal experts know which parts you want to modify before you approve it.

Once you approve our design, our manufacturing team will start producing your decals in-house. Most of our decals can be installed by anyone. But, if your decals will cover a large space, our installation team is always ready to help you install the decals. We will make sure they are free from rips and warps so that the decals are correctly installed on the surface you selected. If you want to remove the decals or move it to another place, the decals we created for you are easy to peel off and reinstall to other areas without damaging the surface it was originally installed in.

We also do customized decals in case there are other types of information that you want to show to your customers.

Free Vinyl Decal Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackIf you are looking for decals that will help you promote your business and products, Screen Tek, Inc can definitely help you make your ideal decals a reality. From installation to maintaining them on any surface, our Coeur D Alene decals company will be with you all the way, and the decals we design for you will contain all the information that you want your audience to see. Let our team help you achieve your business goals with the decals that we can make for you.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for a Free Consultation with a Decal Expert!