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Otis Orchards Large Banners
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Otis Orchards Large Banners


If you want to get the attention of people to your business, promotional activity, or event, large banners are a great way to do so.

Large Format Hanging Banner

It can also help you hide unsightly cosmetic problems in your business space temporarily until you get it fixed. Some can even use it to show people that something interesting is coming for the business.

For the people of Otis Orchards, Screen Tek, Inc is one of the most trusted names in creating signs and offers large format printing. Large banners are the most requested service for the company as they come in appealing designs that not only catch the attention of people but also help you achieve your business objectives. Our Otis Orchards team of designers will sit down with you to design the perfect sign and even recommend the right places where these banners should be placed for the best impact.

Here at Screen Tek, Inc, we don’t just help you get your business recognized; we also help you achieve the best results for your business strategy.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for a Free Consultation with a Large Banner Expert!

Built With a Focus on Durability

Promotional Sale Banner

No matter where you intend to use the large banners we will create for your business, we make sure that they last for a long time and meet high-quality standards. We want these banners to work for you and stay attractive for a long time. We have every type of banners available to match any type of business goal and design you may have.

Before we begin on a project, our project managers will sit down with you to find out what you need so they can recommend the best sign material to use for the project. You can expect us to ask the following questions:

  • Where will the signs be used: indoors or outdoors?
  • How long will you put the banner up?
  • How do you want the banner to be attached?

Some of the materials we usually use are vinyl, mesh, and cloth. We also use fade-resistant UV ink to make sure your banners stay functional for a long time.

Attractive Signs, Done On Time

custom outdoor coming soon banner

Many people do not consider getting a large sign for their business because they believe it will take a long time to produce. While it is true that printing large signs may take time because of their size, our Otis Orchards, WA team has developed ways to get it done in a matter of days.

We use state-of-the-art and updated large format printers to get banners printed, laminated, and cut easily. We know how essential these signs are for your business, and we’ll do our best to get everything on time without compromising their quality.

Full-Service Sign Company

Custom Large Format Banner for Bleachers

Here at Screen Tek, Inc, we are dedicated to giving high-quality service to all our clients. When we receive your request for a free consultation, our team will guide you through the entire banner-making process. From advice on how the design could be to what is the best banner to use, we are here to provide all the assistance that you need.

When you have approved the design we create for you; we will not reach out to another company to print the banners. We use our own printers to print your banner and all the equipment you need to get it installed and maintained. We make sure that these signs are perfect for your brand and help you achieve your business goals.

Free Expert Banner Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackLarge banners, or any other signs for that matter, should make a huge impact if you want them to help your business. Wherever you want these banners to be placed and what deadline you have, Screen Tek, Inc is ready to help and accept the challenge. Contact our Otis Orchards team today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals with graphics that will show its cool points.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for a Free Consultation with a Large Banner Expert!