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Metal Signs
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Spokane Metal Signs

Durable yet stylish, metal signs have been a go-to advertising tool for centuries. Even now, when we look around a typical street in the US, we see metal signs everywhere. We see metal signage bearing street names, showing roadside warnings and reminders, displaying information on yards, and even showcasing brand identities on storefronts.

custom safety metal signsA good outdoor sign must be two things: attractive and durable. This is exactly what Screen Tek, Inc produces. We understand the need for street signs, safety signs, and yard signs that will catch the attention of passersby for a long time.

With our strong team of local signage specialists, Screen Tek, Inc can fully customize your sign’s design and layout based on your preference. And, more importantly, we make sure your outdoor metal signs are fully visible through strategic placement and careful installation.

With our high-quality materials and meticulous construction, the signs we make are built to last. Screen Tek, Inc wants your signs to look good for as long as possible, which is why we make them sturdy and able to stand up against harsh weather.

Free Metal Signs Consultation

Give potential customers a solid, visual impression of the quality service your business offers. Not sure how to do this? Screen Tek, Inc has an entire team of experts who can bring your brand to life through impactful metal signs.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for your Free Consultation with a Metal Signs Expert