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Marshall Business Signs
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Marshall Business Signs

Interested in attractive business signs, graphics, and wraps that feature your brand and benefit your ability to attract clients? The proper business signage can easily do exactly that!

Attractive Vinyl Window Signs

A professional Marshall business sign company, Screen Tek, Inc is a local resource for manufacturing exciting custom signage that attracts attention to your brand. Regardless of your marketing and promotion objectives or company size, let us design, build, and place the eye-catching signs and graphics you need.

From pop-up event banners and displays to towering tenant, pylon, and pole signs, wayfinding signs to A-frames, our specialists deliver single signs or complete collections of impactful signage elements. Our dependable staff of skilled signage providers recognizes your distinct business expectations, and we are ready to expertly deliver your custom commercial signage.

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Cohesive Commercial Signs

Attractive Storefront Vinyl

In order to stand out above the crowd in your local market, you need to arm yourself with functional commercial signage. Along with promoting your branding, commercial signs provide details that your potential clients need, such as current promotions and specials, business hours, and accessibility features.

Set your business apart from the other businesses around you, your competitors, and the constant disruptions in your customer’s lives with engaging, attractive custom commercial signage! Screen Tek, Inc is your reliable developer of effective, high-value specialty business signs and graphics that support your business development by generating a vibrant and appealing environment.


Screen Tek, Inc takes inspiration from your unique branding and vision to develop reliable commercial signs and graphics that promote your brand. Our creative signage designers are truly experts at understanding your desired ideas and concepts and creating a signage design. We provide any type of sign, such as custom exterior signs to branded fleet graphics, office and lobby signs, and eye-catching promotional signage elements for your desired placement and use. Regardless of your sign and graphic ideas, select Screen Tek, Inc to create them for you!

Complete Business Signage

Custom product displays

Branded, customized commercial signs and graphics assist with differentiating your business from other local businesses like yours and defines your specific business as experts for your industry. Specialty signs and graphics also help control the public’s opinion of your business and brand. By using custom branded sign design that is cohesive and supportive of all of your business identification and marketing projects, you improve both your local brand presence and the expertise that your customers can expect from you. Regardless of your type of commercial signs and graphics or requested amount of customization, Screen Tek, Inc is your trusted local supplier of high-value branded signs.

If you are a small business or a well-known local favorite, Screen Tek, Inc will provide you with custom recommendations that suit your branded custom sign and graphic requirements. There are virtually limitless options for how specialty commercial signage can be used to support your brand awareness and business growth. Our experts will recommend designs, positioning, sign and graphic elements, and materials developed to provide maximum influence on clients, staff, and visitors.

Our business sign services include:

All our Marshall business signage products are custom crafted, specific to the technical specs, goals, needs, and branding of our clients. Our talented team has the knowledge, tools, and skills to provide professional signs and graphics that deliver for your business. Specialty branded commercial signs and graphics are the perfect way to professionally display the personality of your brand and for attracting highly targeted shoppers into your business.

Free Business Signs Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackOur professionals provide the friendly assistance and technical skills needed to create the Marshall, WA business signs and graphics your unique brand and business needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a custom design already, or if you need design and planning solutions, our complete commercial sign company is here for you. Screen Tek, Inc is excited to become your local partner for alluring, traffic-stopping signage that results in increased client generation and exposure for your brand.

Call Screen Tek, Inc at (509) 213-0262 for your Free Consultation with a Business Signage Specialist!