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Veradale Vehicle Graphics
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Veradale Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great way to promote your business at an incredibly low cost per impression, especially if you have a sizable fleet of vehicles that regularly travel around the area for your business.


When people see your vehicle on the street or in a nearby parking lot, they can easily see your display and remember their message easily.

Vehicle decals and graphics can also give your clients a reason to trust your brand because they can see through the decals what you are offering. It also gives them reassurance that you are a brand they can trust. Using custom graphics is a great way to catch the attention of potential clients while also reinforcing the professionalism of your business to your current clients, making them a smart solution for many different business needs.


If you need decals, you definitely have to reach out to Veradale’s top vehicle graphics company, Screen Tek, Inc. The company can design and print all sorts of vehicle decals you may need for your fleet, no matter how large or small they are. We can also customize them to fit your needs and help you build your brand in the area.

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Custom Vehicle Decals

When using cars for marketing, most businesses opt to display everything they want their customers to know in every space of the car.

custom vehicle graphics

However, when you do use vehicle decals for marketing, it has to be placed in key areas where people can easily see it and not hamper the driver’s or the people’s safety in the process. It must also be done by a professional because some areas, like rear windows, need to be clear from any obstruction for the safety of the driver and the people around the car.

Here at Screen Tek, Inc, we can create all types of vehicle decals for your fleet and display the message you want us to display. Some of the decals we can put on fleets include perforated and clear decals, which ensures that the driver’s view is clear and still displays the image you want. It can also prevent glare and harsh shadows in the car, as well as retain the car’s overall look without problems.

Our decals are made from high-quality materials to make sure that they do not fade over time, and they are easy to clean. If you want to remove them, it can be done easily without damaging your car’s design and paint.

High-Quality Vehicle Lettering

custom full vehicle wrap

If you do not want to cover a large majority of your car’s side or windows, we also do lettering. In lettering, You can design how your brand name or information can be placed in your car without covering the car completely. This is also a great way to use your vehicles for marketing if you are on a budget.

We can create large to small lettering decals that we can place strategically in your car and make sure it does not crease over time. If you wish to paste it yourself, we will train you to put the decals yourself and point out the areas where they can be placed.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom partial car wrap

Here in Veradale, WA, there are a lot of companies who promise that they can give you the best vehicle decals for your fleet. However, not all of them can do it flawlessly like Screen Tek, Inc. We have a full team of dedicated experts working on your behalf to deliver outstanding products and services.

In our company, we have a great team of experienced and creative designers, graphic artists, and installers who can make sure that you achieve your goals with the graphics we create for your company.

custom design and manufacturing

When you use our free consultation service, we will take note of all your business details and use it to design the perfect graphics for your needs. We will also show you samples of our work so that you can be reassured that you will get the best graphics for your company or business.

Once the design is perfect for your tastes, we will manufacture the decals in-house with eco-friendly materials that will last for a long time. Our team will also install them efficiently in your fleet to help you start marketing through your fleet. Our team can also answer any inquiries you have about our services and any questions you may have about vehicle decals.

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackVehicle graphics can definitely change the way you market, if you can design one that will represent your brand completely. Screen Tek, Inc is here to help you out, and our team will make sure that the graphics in your vehicles will catch the attention of your intended audience and deliver the right amount of impressions for your business. Simply reach out to our Veradale vehicle graphic experts, and we will help you out every step of the way.

Call Screen Tek, Inc today at (509) 213-0262 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Graphics Expert!