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Marshall Flag Signs
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Marshall Flag Signs


For all businesses in competitive industries, flag signs are a great way to boost your presence in your target demographic.

custom flag feather signSignage is a vital part of any business that wants to compete with all the societal elements that grab the attention of customers. When it comes to grabbing attention, especially in highly public and open areas, flag signs are one of the most effective ways to advertise a business. With Screen Tek, Inc, your flag signs can be produced at the best quality available in the signage industry.

Our Marshall company is a top-notch signage provider that can manufacture all types of flag signs for all purposes, especially for businesses. Whatever shape, size, color, design, and style you want for your business’ flag signs, we can produce it with expert handling, taking into heavy consideration your company’s brand and identity. For guaranteed high-visibility flags, feather banners will be on your doorstep in no time. While for quick, flexible, and easy use, we can create teardrop banners for your company.

While our sign fabrication services are first-rate, we also provide industry-grade printing and design services. Our seasoned graphic designers can create the best visual outputs for your flag signs and recommend the best options for your company and brand. With Screen Tek, Inc, you can bring your dream flag signs to life.

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Signs for Trade Shows and Outdoor Events

outdoor flag signsAs you may have noticed, flag signs are very common signage options for events and other business ventures such as trade shows, kiosks, concerts, festivals, and events that happen outdoors. This is because flags are portable, easy to assemble, and light. Flag signs allow event producers to worry less about the logistics of their largest advertising materials and focus on other significant parts of the event.

This is the type of flag signs that our company, serving Marshall, WA, can produce for your business. Our expert-made flag signs can be set up without heavy tools and large amounts of time. They can also come with fiberglass pole kits, which are lightweight yet durable, making your flags way easier to pack, transport, assemble, and store.

A Flag Sign for All Your Needs

banner-flagScreen Tek, Inc is a full-service provider of signage needs for all types of businesses. This essentially means that our specialty is analyzing your business specifics, from your brand and personality to your needs and plans closely, and coming up with the best signage for you.

To give a few examples, our Marshall company provides huge blades and banner flags for clients who want attention-grabbing signs on the front part of a business establishment. For those who need smaller flags that can still provide effective advertisement, our swooper flags are the ones for you. Whatever you may need, we guarantee that we can give it to you.

Signs That are Easy on the Budget

hanging exterior storefront signAdvertising and marketing often consume a massive portion of a company’s funds. So if you want low-cost publicity materials with guaranteed effectiveness in advertising, flag signs are the way to go. Unlike other high-maintenance ad materials, flag signs don’t need too much labor to set up. They don’t require drilling, mounting, frames, lighting, and other methods and tools. Therefore, they are cheaper and easier to set up.

These ad tools are not as expensive as television commercials or billboards, but they can surely provide considerable reach and variety of design. With Screen Tek, Inc, we can make sure that you get the best out of your funds once you partner with us for your flag signs.

Free Flag Signs Consultation

Screen-Tek-Logo-BlackIf you are interested in getting flag signs in your business area around Marshall, we are here to help. We can start by answering all your questions, in case you’re still in doubt about which signage you should use. Our seasoned team of graphic designers, engineers, and manufacturers will guide you throughout the whole process.

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